Hello, my name is Adrianna Sirinian.

Human, musician, writer, advocate, painter, avid doodler, listener, and skeptic. 

I believe in a world where everyone is truly equal; where equal opportunities lead to equal outcomes, no matter what one's background, race, ethnicity, nationality, faith, sex, and gender is. 

Change can only happen through understanding and communication. I use this platform to depict both "sides" of the coin of U.S. politics. I hope that in time you will also see that we all fear the unknown, and that when it comes down to the core, our differences are not that far fetched. 

I'm a New York native, figuring out what I want to do with the rest of my life. I live for advocating and giving, while simultaneously embracing the world of creativity. I choose no labels, no one can put me in a box. I've created a site for all different parts of who I am and how I think more of us should see the world. 

Stick around for awhile if you'd like. Please leave comments, contact me, and/or follow me on social media!