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Hello fellow unus.

My name is Adrianna and live by unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno or "one for all, all for one." I aspire to remind you that it only takes one with the determination to make change. Here's hoping that you stick around awhile, and if you want more find me here:


I've never been great
At getting out what I want to say
So I speak in riddles
And tell myself it's all to protect those
Who cannot handle or hold
My full being
I speak half truths
And surround myself with sorrow...

But the lines between my brows
Say what I cannot bear
Worry, worry, worry
But mostly fear...

I light the match and let the candle burn down
I tell myself I'm stronger and move on
Leaving behind memories and souls
Who once had meaning
Only out of fear
For I'd rather them lose me, than me lose them.

In a panic I tell him it cannot work
That it can't be this complicated
That I want more
That I want now...

I need now now
I need you
I need the idea of you
I need the idea of what love could be...

But what I fear most is what I truly want
And all I see is the uncertainty
But I know there will always be
No matter where I am
Or who I'm with...

I never know what's right, 
Who's right? 
What is right and what is wrong? 
What voice speaks truths?
Is it mine or is it yours? 
Is it hers or is it his, or is it Hers?
I'm stuck
Somewhere in between -- 
Somewhere perhaps you and I
Could've existed...

You must've known
That Her voice would win
Leaving no opening
For me to come in
Even when I thought I had played
The tempo right
When all along
I was in the wrong movement...

Now we do what you feared most
Ruining what good there was
For anger out of what could've been
But can't be
And we may never know
But woe, do I wish we would...

So tell me then what do I do?
Do I hold on
Or do I let go

Tell me, for I can neither hold on or say



Stuck In My Mind